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B.A.P for Oricon !

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Backup dancer bullying Dae~♪

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Love Violence is in the air.

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Daehyun bought a pastry for a lucky fan (=^-ω-^=)

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  · [NEWS] TODAYONLINE: Why you won’t see B.A.P with long hair


SINGAPORE — We’ve seen and interviewed B.A.P three times in the last 13 months. And each time, the Korean boy band turns up in Singapore looking almost exactly the same as they did the last time — perhaps with the exception of their hair color.

But one member of the six-man group says he has had enough of complicated hairstyles.

“Every time we change a hairstyle, it becomes very hard to maintain, because we have to style it to make it look nice,” said lead vocalist Daehyun, who was speaking at yesterday’s press conference held at Movenpick Heritage Hotel Sentosa, just before B.A.P’s live recording session for MTV’s music series MTV Sessions. “That’s really troublesome, so now we are trying to keep our hair short, so we can maintain it easily.”

Although B.A.P intends to go easy on their hair, they have no intention of compromising the quality of their performances.

Responding to queries on their views on Korean broadcaster MBC’s recent ban on lip-syncing from its weekly music show Music Core, Daehyun reassured fans that the group will not be affected.

“B.A.P always sings live,” said the 21-year-old.

He added: “There must be some reason why some bands are lip-syncing. But as a vocalist, personally, I would like to keep singing live anyway, because that is the most efficient way to express myself and our feelings.”