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South Korean police say that text messages and kaokao talk messages claiming to be from survivors inside the ferry had been faked.
The messages surfaced at around 10 pm on Wednesday and quickly spread through twitter and Facebook.

POLICE say that those behind the messages hurt the families of the missing and caused confusion in the search efforts, will face criminal charges including defamation and obstruction of justice by deception.


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daehyun cam…


When Jongup showed his abs, someone a few rows behind me was like “THANK YOU JESUS I’LL GOING TO CHURCH THIS SUNDAY”

The relationship between B.A.P and their pants those poor guys, it’s really obvious they’re far too tight


B.A.P FFB series update~

140416 B.A.P ?? @ Live on Earth Dallas

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HC: And I think I’m getting old.

something about bbq.

DH: Texas is famous for deer—deer? Barbeque.

YJ: We have entire—tried here, but we will soon.

JU: We should. Yeah. /giggles like a high school girl/

Zelo: Excuse me but we only have four song left.

DH: Shit.

and then some other things they said but idek that shit was funny.

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me on my way to overthrow yo country

tried to scroll past this, couldn’t.


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Daehyun @ LOE Dallas

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A pointless gif of Youngjae bringing sexy back

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jello zelo (〜^∇^)〜